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My name is Aden, and I'm a functional nutritionist passionate about empowering others to live holistically and strengthen their relationship with food. Bite in Bloom is a platform that offers nutrition therapy and wellness coaching from a functional medicine perspective. We guide women wanting to heal themselves in a way that feels authentic and attainable. Whether you are just looking for overall wellness, journeying through an existing health condition, and/or pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, Bite in Bloom is here for you.




"Working with Aden on my health journey has been such a huge support. She is grounded, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and thorough in her intake process. Aden has helped me to have more awareness of my body, and given tools and steps to implement after each session. Since starting with Aden I’ve experienced more energy, ability to exercise and less brain fog. I’m excited to continue prioritizing my health and highly recommend Aden to anyone looking to have a peaceful relationship with their body while working on their health goals."

- Danielle

"Working with Aden opened my eyes to a whole other side to nutrition and health that I didn’t know existed. The knowledge she poured into me and my family was life-changing. It’s one thing to help with recommendations, but to gain a different perspective on the food we eat and the understanding of how everything impacts us, exceeded far beyond my expectations when jumping into this journey. I can't thank her enough for the time, guidance, care, and education she’s provided me with. Aden is never judgmental, which made me feel more encouraged and supported while making such a change in my lifestyle. I truly believe anyone who decides to work with her would be in great hands!"

- Sophie

"Thanks to Aden’s guidance and help, I was able to properly detox my body and finally start to learn how to cook healthier meals. My initial intentions were mainly to eat healthier, but as an added bonus, I lost (and have been able to keep off) 15lbs that I haven’t been able to do in years! I feel better, look better, and the pride of knowing I was able to keep up with something that’s beneficial to me has really been the perfect foundation for my self-healing journey. Thank you, Aden, for listening to my needs, desires, and helping me reach my goals in a safe judgment-free zone."

- Aida

"Aden is amazing to work with. She’s a true professional, compassionate and caring for everyone. It’s not just a job for her, she really cares about helping people. She gave me a lot of information and resources for children with autism, and her willingness to help kids is amazing. She taught me about natural, root cause medicine and not just chasing symptoms. I would recommend her for anyone needing help."

- Addis

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